2020 Interclub Managers

Interclub competitions will be taking place from the end of March 2020 right through the Summer months.
The competitions that the club takes part in are shown below together with the managers for each tournament where available.  
There is a sheet in the Locker Room where you can register your interest in playing on a team or teams and the interclub committee will get in touch with you asap. 

Note from Interclub Manager

Dear Member,
The club will be running a foursomes matchplay competition over the winter period.

It consists of a round-robin group stage during November and December, and a knockout phase in January and February.

As a number of the interclub competitions played during the summer are foursomes or fourball, this is being viewed as an opportunity to help prepare for the interclub season. Attached please find the guidelines for the competition, including details of the general requirements for each interclub competition.

Details of the managers for each team are shown below and on the member’s web site and will be fully updated when the GUI publish the dates and draw for 2020 shortly.

Players are encouraged to partner with a player such that their combined handicap works for one of the interclub teams.

Entry for the competition can be made through chronogolf in the pro shop.

Kind regards,
Interclub Committee




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