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Winter/Spring League 2020
Best 6 cards from 11 weeks

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Hi All,
Details for the ever-popular winter/spring league are below. Registration is open until 9th February so register early to give yourself the best chance as your scores won’t be counted until you register.

Liam Maher

Winter to Spring League
Details of the Winter/Spring League for 2020. The league will commence on the weekend of 11th January and is scheduled to run until 29th March 2020. 

League Format
The competition format is Stableford 

Top 6 Scores out of 11 will count for Each Player

  • The best 6 scores out of the 11 qualifying weekends will determine your final result
  • If there is a tie at the end of the League the 7th best score will come into play and so on, until a winner is declared.

Registering a Score

  • Posting a card for the league is confined to cards submitted from golf played during weekend club competitions. (Saturday or Sunday)
  • The League format is run simultaneously with the weekend club competitions.
  • You enter the individual weekend competition as normal, pay the weekend competition entry fee and your score will also be recorded in the League.


  • In the interest of fairness, Players can only enter one card per weekend.
  • If you play twice over the weekend. Your score on the first day of play will count.
  • If you only play one day over the weekend regardless of which day it is, your score will automatically be included.

League Updates

After each weekend, the scores will be tallied and the league table updated on the members’ website.  https://www.castleknockmembersclub.com

 Weather affecting Play

If bad weather affects the course the following rules will apply.

  • If the greenkeepers declare the course unplayable and the club competition is unable to be played or completed on either Saturday or Sunday, scorecards for the league on that weekend cannot be accepted and therefore the league for that weekend will be null and void.
  • If the greenkeepers declare one or more holes out of play on any given day and the committee decides to still have a competition then the League for that weekend will stand.
  • If we have inclement weather on a given weekend but the course is open and the competition has not been cancelled, scores will count for the league even if some members decide not to finish their round.


  • You can register for the league on the computer screen in the pro-shop. It will be an extra option when signing into your weekend competition. You can also enter by sending an email to the CompSec Mr Liam Maher at maherliam27@gmail.com
  • Your Entry Fee will be deducted from your Competition Purse.
  • The registration process is open now and the closing date for entries is Sunday 2nd February

 Entry Fee is €10

Prizes:  Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 players. 

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  • Monday 22 June: Course open for members only for all of the phase 2 return to golf policy. Please review return to golf protocols prior to play.