Ready Golf

Date 01/02/2020



Ready golf is about being considerate to the whole course and respecting your fellow golfers. It is a common-sense approach to improve the pace of play in our club.

READY GOLF means thinking ahead so that you are ready to play when it becomes your turn.

Have your bag, balls, tees and club selection ready. Assist your golf partners on how to play ready golf.



There are NO HONOURS, whoever is ready, then Play if safe to do so.

Keep up with the group in front of you

If the group on front is on the fairway, your group should be on the Tee

Be ready to hit when the group on front has moved to the next shot

Keep your pre-shot routine short, aim to play within 20 seconds, Limit your practice swings.

If you are falling behind the group in front, then let the group behind through.



There are NO HONOURS, hit when ready and safe to do so

Short hitters should go first if longer hitters are waiting

Watch other players shots, to help find Stray balls

Carry an extra ball in case you need a provisional

Mark scores after you hit your Tee shot not before your drive.



There are NO HONOURS – HIT when it is ready and safe to do so.

Go directly to your ball and be ready to play- Don’t wait until others have played.

Always play your ball first before assisting others to find balls.

At the green, always park your clubs between the green and the next Tee



There are NO HONOURS – Putt when ready if not in someone else line, MAX 20 seconds.

Study your Putt and repair Pitch marks while others are Putting.

Be ready to Putt before it is your turn.

Continue putting until holed out if not in someone else line. Avoid repeated ball markings.

FIRST PLAYER TO HOLE OUT – should move towards the next Tee ready to hit next shot.

The SECOND PLAYER TO HOLE OUT – should replace the Flag.

Never Mark your scores on the Green.

Mark your scores after you have hit your next Tee shot or while waiting.



The target time for a fourball is 4.10 minutes.

Keep a continuous flow of play and help everyone on the course to have a good experience.

Castleknock Men’s Golf Committee




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